6 Tricks for the Perfect Gym Selfie


It’s said that the majority of the photos posted on social media platforms these days are selfies. The term selfie is an official term recognized by top dictionaries and even won the word of the year award a few years ago – a recognition given to words that have made a significant impact on speakers worldwide.

The selfie photography style is believed to have grown popular globally in recent years and has become a normal part of people’s daily lives. Individuals take selfies almost anytime and anywhere, including in gyms and other fitness-oriented establishments. But despite its high popularity, taking a selfie is never an easy task.

If you’re hitting the gym while flexing in front of a gym mirror, this can be the perfect time for a selfie. After all, there’s no better time to showcase your workout results with a quick selfie shot. However, the challenge is knowing what trick to employ to take the perfect selfie that flatters your gains.

Luckily, you don’t need a professional photographer to get a perfect gym selfie. Read on as this guide looks at,

Different tips and tricks on how you can take an incredible gym selfie.

  1. Stay Confident And Aware Of Your Surroundings

You can only take the perfect selfie if you avoid getting self-conscious when posing in the mirror while preparing to capture your selfie. To best ease your nerves, you can check out other individuals’ gym selfies to gather the needed courage. This way, you’ll know some of the best poses to make and therefore boost your confidence.

And remember, confidence is key to getting an outstanding gym selfie. With that said, you tweaking your smile with Facetune can help make you look more confident. With this in mind, you should ease your mind from the surroundings when looking to capture the best selfie. You also should consider adjacent areas to avoid capturing unnecessary scenes of other people who might be in the background.

  1. Enhance Your Lighting

Lighting is critical when taking a gym selfie. With proper lighting, you can change an average photo into an incredible image even if the quality of your camera isn’t that good. Ideally, it’s even best to use natural light when taking a gym selfie. So, you should find a window that brings in natural light before taking a selfie shot.

With that said, you can also use artificial lighting as it allows you to make angles on your body to better display your hard-earned physique to others. The use of excellent lighting minimizes the visibility of shadows and under-eye circles considerably.

gym selfie
  1. Find A Perfect Angle

For you to capture the perfect gym selfie, it’s important you find a great angle that correctly highlights strong core points. Therefore, make sure to you angle yourself slightly when facing the camera. You shouldn’t face the camera directly because it’ll make your body appear wider. But when you face the camera with a slight angle from the side, you’ll be able to emphasize your physique.

The perfect gym selfie should make your figure appear shapely. And for you to make your arms appear slimmer, avoid positioning them close to your body. In addition, avoid capturing selfies from below because it isn’t a flattering angle. If you prefer using a self-timer option, rest your camera on something that’s within your eye level.

  1. Use The Main Lens Of Your Phone

It’s no doubt that the front camera on your smartphone or photo device is usually conveniently positioned to take the perfect selfie. But the lens found on the rear camera boasts greater picture resolution, thereby better placed to deliver incredible quality. Consider using the back camera for sometimes it’ll help you capture high-quality pictures (although it sounds old school).

  1. Know When To Use The Flash

As mentioned earlier, natural light is ideal for taking perfect selfies. Yet what if you happen to take selfies after sunset? You’ll have to use apps incorporating flash features, which enable you to take excellent photos during the dark.

When you turn on your smartphone’s camera’s flash, your device will cast your subject with sufficient brightness, especially on the face. And with a flashlight, you can confidently capture pictures in areas that aren’t well lit – beware though for these pictures might need editing or touchups later on due to shadows.

  1. Capture Multiple Photos

Getting a perfect photo for the first time is close to impossible. Hence, if your phone has enough storage, take advantage of it by taking multiple images. And once you leave the gym, go through the various selfie pictures you’ve taken to see which is the best shot.


After reading this guide, there’s a higher chance you’ll enhance your game when taking selfies while at the gym. With these insights, you’ll be able to ensure that the gym selfies you capture are fantastic every time. And while these tricks won’t help you become a professional photographer, they’ll indeed come in handy when looking to capture clear and perfect gym selfies you can flaunt to your friends or on social media.

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