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People get their makeup tips from many different places. Sometimes people get advice from magazines, YouTube tutorials, or friends and family members who have tried something new.

We’ve asked around, gathered tips from all over the world. From the many uses of coconuts to the benefits of a light coverage foundation and back again.

No matter where you get your tips, here are some that you will wish someone had told you sooner….

Coconut oil is awesome for removing makeup

Coconut oil is an excellent substitute for your regular makeup remover! It works just as well, if not better because it helps take off all your stubborn mascara with one swipe.

Any product made from pure coconuts contains a small number of antibacterial properties; these enzymes are produced naturally in the coconuts.

Concealer for blemishes and tired eyes

Most people use concealer only under their eyes because they see it used in commercials. However, this is such a mistake. Use this magical product to cover any other flaws instead of piling on the foundation. It’s lighter and will give you natural coverage.

Apply concealer after foundation if dark circles are more of a problem than blemishes

Sometimes we want to cover up everything on our faces, but if you have dark circles more than anything else, that’s what you should use concealer for.


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Use a sponge instead of fingers for applying foundation

Using your hands gives you an easier time blending around tricky areas like under the eyes, near the nose, etc. However, using a makeup sponge gives you cleaner coverage with less work because its flat surface area distributes product evenly across your face without as much streaking as your hands.

Don’t apply concealer before powder, even if you have oily skin

It may seem like applying the powder first will grab onto any of the concealers and make it look cakey; however, there is some sound logic behind this. Powder not only sets your face and helps with blending, but it also mattifies oily areas and prevents oil from coming through later in the day.

Use eyeshadow primer

Use an eyeshadow primer underneath your eyeshadow, even if you don’t want to wear eyeshadow.

Primers serve such an excellent product for people who aren’t blessed with naturally long lashes. It holds mascara so well that almost no smearing or flaking will occur throughout the day. We all wish our lashes would grow forever but invest in an eyeshadow primer until that happens.

Apply eyeshadow up to the brows

You don’t want to do all the time-consuming hard work of getting that perfect smokey eye and then stop at your crease.

Always blend up into your brows for a defined look with less harsh lines. And if you’re not trying to go for a dark-themed eye, use the lighter shade on the inner half of your lid to brighten things up!

Don’t forget about cheeks – contour is key!

Be sure to apply some kind of face powder or bronzer above your cheekbones after you’ve used foundation because it will make them pop more and give off an illusion of looking more lifted. Sweep some under each cheekbone in a line moving towards the ears for best results.

Use a mineral powder foundation if you’re over 40

It may seem like your skin is better off without foundation in your 40s when you’re supposed to be “glowing,” but that’s far from the truth.

Mineral makeup can give you great coverage and even out your skin tone while still looking natural and not masklike. It also contains SPF to look after your skin, which needs it more than ever at this point.


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Always use a face primer

It doesn’t matter how dry or oily your skin is – primers will smooth and even out your face and hold on to makeup for longer. They also help with the longevity of your foundation and give you a skin-like canvas for you to work.

Don’t line eyes beyond the outer corner

Lines right up against the lashes can make them look shorter because they create an apparent hard edge. Instead, stop where the triangle starts (the lash roots) and subtly blend upwards using a pencil eyeliner.

With a powder, define by tapping off any excess onto a tissue instead of swiping across your lid, so there’s not as much color build up.

When applying mascara, avoid pumping the wand directly onto your lashes because it can clump them together. Instead, sweep the lash in between each coat to separate them.

Don’t bring your eyebrows too close to your inner eye

Doing this creates a “dated” look even if you’re young! If they’re naturally further apart, then leave them alone and let nature take its course – you’ll want to tweeze any strays outside of that area, though.

On the flip side, don’t extend brows past the outer edge of one’s natural shape because this will also give you a more aged appearance and it’s usually way too much change for someone so young.

Don’t forget about lip liner

Lip liners are great for preventing lipstick feathering and bleeding, which is better for keeping lips looking younger longer anyways.

You can use liner either just outside your natural lip line or fill in your entire pout if you want more full coverage lips. It takes some practice before you can apply perfectly, so don’t worry if it takes a couple of tries to get it perfect.

Don’t forget to smile!

Posing for pictures more often than not requires a smile, which is great because it relaxes your face and gives you a natural glow from within.

Even dabbing on some highlighter on the cheekbone under your smile will help lighten up those features, even more, so don’t be afraid of it.

Finish your makeup with a clear lip gloss

You’re done! With this final step, you can get the best results from your day-to-night look.

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