National Mammography Day 2022


Whether it’s your first “screening” mammogram or you’re in the habit of considering your mammogram as part of your yearly health routine, you know the importance of good breast health. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More specifically, October 21st is National Mammography Day. The words “breast cancer” are scary, and no woman wants to hear them, but taking the time to pay attention to your breast health now will make you feel secure that you’ve been proactive when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Why Are Mammograms So Important To Women’s Health?

  • They can save your life. A mammogram is the first step in the early detection of breast cancer. Early detection reduces your risk of dying by 25 – 30% or more. Women over 40 should have a yearly mammogram, and they should start at a younger age if they have an increased risk of the disease.
  • They can reduce the need for more invasive testing. A mammogram can detect a breast lump 2 to 3 years earlier than a woman can feel it. Mammography is also used to compare breast changes from year to year. A radiologist can visually compare cysts and calcium deposits, possibly reducing the need for needle aspirations or biopsies.
  • They can detect breast density. A baseline mammogram is often the first detector of “dense breasts.” Women categorized as having dense breasts can be at a higher risk of undetected breast cancer due to the thickness of the breast tissue.

We want our patients to stay happy and healthy. Take some time to schedule your annual mammogram appointment. Think of your annual mammogram as a physical for your breasts! A mammogram can help your doctor determine if your breasts are healthy, or if they have developed breast cancer, breast cysts or other health concerns.

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