How Common Are Uber Accidents?

How Common Are Uber Accidents?

How Common Are Uber Accidents? Every year, over 6 million car accidents occur in the U.S. But how many of those car accidents happen in an Uber or another rideshare service? Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become commonplace as a result of industrialization. Some residents in urban communities no longer find it necessary to own a vehicle if they can simply walk or commute to work, and they tend to use ridesharing services for leisurely activities.

These services have also disrupted the travel industry. Instead of hailing a cab or scheduling a car service, Uber makes it easy to get a ride upon arriving in a new city through a convenient mobile app. For a lot of people, it’s an easy solution to getting around after a long night of drinking, and it offers comfortable transportation when traveling somewhere new. But according to a study from Rice University and the University of Chicago, traffic deaths have increased with the rise of ridesharing services. Keep reading to learn more about Uber car accidents.

Traffic deaths have increased by 2 to 3 percent due to rideshare accidents.

There are several reasons why ridesharing services can be dangerous and increase the risk of an accident. Most Uber drivers are usually doing this as an extra source of income. So, they’ll likely be driving for Uber after their full-time jobs. This can easily affect their driving abilities. It also requires drivers to navigate through a mobile app, so they are constantly glancing at their phones and exposed to a distraction from the get-go. They also have to drive around looking for their passengers and track their time.

With distractions, fatigue, and impaired skills, it’s no wonder Uber car accidents happen in Philadelphia. If you get a serious injury in an Uber car accident, it’s crucial to contact a reliable car accident attorney in Philadelphia who handles Uber accidents. Car accident cases are due to negligence, and you should feel safe entering any Uber vehicle. Munley Law has the best Uber accident lawyer Philadelphia has to offer. You’ll be fairly compensated for your personal injury, any damages, income loss, or medical bills. Rideshare companies should be held accountable for any car accident injuries, so get a free consultation at Munley Law in Philadelphia.

Uber drivers can’t guarantee your safety.

Uber drivers can't guarantee your safety.
Uber drivers can’t guarantee your safety.

The company issues a few standards like age requirements and a valid driver’s license. But some requirements aren’t necessarily the most professional. For example, they only require one year of driving experience. This is pretty limited in comparison to what a professional car service might expect out of their drivers. Uber drivers also need the typical documentation you would expect, such as vehicle registration, a valid inspection, and proof of car insurance.

The Uber driver also needs to have a good driving history. So, the company conducts a background check into their driving record. Uber vehicles have to be less than 10 to 15 years old, and if an Uber driver doesn’t adhere to these rules, then they are considered negligent. This is because they aren’t operating in accordance with the company’s standards.

What should I do if I get into an Uber car accident?

First of all, you should prioritize getting medical attention. Then, you can consider whether it qualifies as a serious accident or a minor one. Make sure to take photo evidence of what happened. Then, report the incident on the Uber app immediately. After that, you can hire an Uber accident lawyer in Philadelphia to help you move your case forward.

An Uber accident lawyer can help you get the fair compensation you deserve. Car accident injuries should be taken seriously, and as an accident victim, you’ll need the help of a trustworthy rideshare accident lawyer in Philadelphia to get maximum compensation.

How Common Are Uber Accidents?

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